Jarrod Michael Tilbury (J.M. Tilbury) was born in Huntsville, Alabama August 6th, 1977, on the Army base at Redstone Arsenal.  His parents, both originally from California, moved back after his father was discharged honorably from the military and got a job working for Lockheed Martin in Sunnyvale.  Growing up in East Side San Jose with his two brothers and one sister, Tilbury has always had a love of reading and writing despite being diagnosed with dyslexia.  While attending LeyVa Middle School, he won first place in a Middle School Writers Contest with his submission of “Just Say No,” the gripping tale of two friends ripped apart by one friend’s drug habit.  It was then and there he knew he wanted to be an author.  He graduated from San Jose High Academy and after leaving his home at 17, joined the military at 19.  Serving in the United States Marine Corps as a military police officer at Camp LeJeune, NC until being honorably discharged due to medical conditions Tilbury moved back to his hometown of San Jose.  After a lengthy process of trying to break out into fantasy writing and being rejected time and time again, and bouncing from job to job, he never really found his voice in writing until he switched to the genre of paranormal thriller and self-published his first novel “Tales From the P.I.T. Crew: Case of the Wayward Son.”  J.M. Tilbury still lives in San Jose, CA with his fiancé, his three children, and his German Shepard while working from home.  He enjoys reading, writing, video games, camping, cooking, walking his dog, and playing his guitar and is currently working on the P.I.T. Crew’s next installment, “Mystery of the Missing Heart.”